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Mentoring Programs

Can AI Replace Mentoring Programs?

Explore the future of mentorship: Can AI replace traditional programs? Discover the balance between technology and human guidance in our blog.

Leadership Development

Mentoring Creates Future Leaders

Nurturing potential: Mentoring paves the way for future leaders. Discover the transformative journey.

Inspirational Quotes

15 Quotes on Mentorship

Explore 15 powerful quotes on mentorship, inspiring growth and guidance. Gain wisdom from great minds in this uplifting blog.


50 Questions to Ask Your Mentor

Unlock valuable insights and accelerate your growth with 50 essential questions to ask your mentor. Empower your journey to success today!


Build Company Culture with Mentoring

Create a thriving company culture through the power of mentoring. Unleash potential, boost productivity, and foster growth. Learn more now!

Employee Engagement

The Twelve Focal Points of Employee Engagement

Master the art of employee engagement with these twelve focal points. Unlock productivity, satisfaction, and success in your organization today!

Employee Engagement

The Secret to Employee Engagement

Unlock the secret to employee engagement and unleash your team's potential. Discover effective strategies to foster motivation and loyalty.

Working Remotely

Five Ways to Celebrate With Your Remote Team

Elevate remote team celebrations with five creative ideas. Strengthen bonds, recognize achievements, and foster a vibrant virtual work culture.

Working Remotely

3 Tips for Remote Team Building

Enhance remote team building with three practical tips. Foster collaboration and boost morale among your virtual team for improved performance.

Employee Engagement

Five Employee Engagement Ideas

Explore five impactful employee engagement ideas to foster a motivated workforce. Enhance productivity and create a thriving company culture.

Management Skills

Five of the Worst Management Practices

Uncover five detrimental management practices to avoid. Enhance your leadership skills and create a positive work environment for your team's success.

Employee Retention

10 Effective Ways to Reduce Employee Turnover

Learn 10 effective strategies to lower employee turnover and increase retention rates. Unlock the secrets to building a loyal and engaged workforce.

Leadership Training

Mentoring Builds Future Leaders

Unlock the power of mentoring in cultivating future leaders! Learn how to mentor or find a mentor for yourself. Read our blog to learn more.

Leadership Training

How to be a Better Leader

Learn how to enhance your leadership skills with our comprehensive guide. Develop better communication, delegation, and decision-making abilities.


Getting the Most Out of a Mentor Relationship

Discover how to maximize your mentor relationship and take your career to the next level. Learn actionable tips and insights in this informative blog.


Do you need a Mentor?

Looking for a mentor to guide you toward success? Check out our blog for tips on finding and working with the right mentor to achieve your goals.


Mentoring Do's and Don'ts

Learn the best practices and common pitfalls of mentoring in our latest blog post. Discover the do's and don'ts of effective mentorship today.


5 Reasons Why Mentoring is Profitable

Learn how mentoring can boost your profits with our top 5 reasons. Explore the benefits and impact of mentorship on your business success.


Mentoring: The Key to Remote Onboarding

Discover how mentoring can help facilitate successful remote onboarding. Learn about its benefits and strategies to implement it effectively.

Employee Engagement

5 Ways to Boost Employee Engagement

Discover 5 proven strategies to increase employee engagement and productivity. Improve workplace culture and retain top talent. Read now.

Employee Engagement

Why Employee Engagement Matters in 2023

Employee engagement is more critical than ever in 2023. Read this blog to understand why and learn strategies to improve engagement and retention.

Employee Mentoring

Is mentoring software profitable?

Explore the potential profitability of mentoring software. Discover the benefits, costs, and ROI of investing in this technology in our latest blog.

Working Remotely

4 Ways to Motivate a Remote Workforce

Learn four proven strategies to motivate and energize your remote workforce. Discover effective ways to improve productivity and keep your team...

Mentoring Best Practices

4 Effective Questions to Find the Best Employees

You may have a good idea of the type of person you want and what the job duties consist of, but how do you find out if an applicant is suitable.

Management Development

3 Quick Tips to Improve Mentoring

Mentoring builds company culture, boosts retention rates, engages employees, grooms future learners and gives employees career development...

Employee Value Proposition

The Key to Employee Engagement - Mentoring

Without a proven vehicle to engage employees, your workforce will stagger and eventually drift out of the company to greener pastures. 

Remote Work

4 Tips to Boost Remote Work Productivity

Many of us have dreamed of working from home. Covid forced most of us to start working from home whether we were ready or not.

Workforce Development

10 Leadership Challenges

Being the leader can be incredibly rewarding. It can also be difficult and feel impossible to do well.

Web-Based Mentoring

3 Keys Behind a Dynamic Team

All the right people are in place. On paper, they are a dream team of talent.

Mentor Matching

3 Keys for Successful Mentorship

A mentor gets assigned a mentee and encourages the junior employee to keep working because brighter pastures are just over the horizon.

Mentoring Programs

Tips on Influencing Others

People who can influence others can win support for their ideas, inspire others to follow them, create collaboration and bring about results.


Remote Work: Challenges and Solutions

This pandemic wasn’t something the nation was ready for. It definitely wasn’t something professional industries anticipated.

Web-Based Mentoring

15 Quotes to Bring Hope in a Dark Time

Times are uncertain. 2020 has been an unprecedented year for a multitude of reasons which are too numerous to detail in this simple blog.

Management Development

3 Key Reasons Leaders Need Mentors

Every successful leader, entrepreneur has a support system, usually a team standing behind them, a dedicated spouse or, most often, a mentor!

Mentoring Programs

Why Mentors Matter

Mentoring matters. Having a mentor, especially in the workplace, can make or break an employee.

Generational Diversity in the Workforce

Are You Creating Distrust in the Workplace?

When employees trust their managers, their companies and their colleagues they are much more likely to be engaged and be more passionate about their...

Management Development

3 Hacks to Improve Creativity

If you want to improve your career or stand out amongst your peers then you must broaden your creativity when it comes to how you approach work.

Web-Based Mentoring

3 Ways to Boost Your Productivity

We do have control over how we choose to respond to adversity. Becoming a more productive person is something we can all actively work on.

Workforce Development

How to Improve Social and Mental Well Being

Engaged, mentally healthy and stable employees will produce and work incredibly hard for their employers resulting in higher profitability.

Management Development

5 Benefits of Being a Mentor

The passing of information from a mentor to a mentee is what opens the door for rapid progress and skill development.

Mentor Matching

Why Mentors Matter

But the truth is, no one, no matter how brilliant they are, can achieve their dreams without a little guidance along the way.

Web-Based Mentoring

Keep Top Talent With 3 Types of Mentors

Top talent is hard to find. It’s why so many organizations are shelling out so much money to send out teams of recruiters into the world.

Workforce Development

4 Employee Strategies to Retain Top Talent

Losing top talent employees can be detrimental to any organization. Large investments into employee's training only to then have them resign.

Web-Based Mentoring

Use a SMART Plan to Get Results

It’s great to have a philosophy and values, but coming up with an action plan to implement these things and reach goals can often be daunting.

Employee Engagement

5 Reasons Employees Burnout

Employee burnout is wide-spread and it’s eating away at the productivity of the workforce across the nation.

Business Performance Improvement Program

4 Easy Steps to Create World-Class Company Culture

Money is a major part, but any successful person will tell you that monetary motivation isn't enough, success follows purpose driven work and...

Productive Employees

5 Productivity Hacks to Help You Crush It

Emotions play a big part in productivity and while I’m no psychologist or expert on the human mind - I can tell you that a happy person gets way more...

Mentoring Best Practices

How should you Structure your Mentor Program

There are multiple ways to structure a mentoring program. The right structure depends on your company culture and on the goals you want to achieve.

Employee Engagement

Secrets to a Successful Mentorship

Communication can flow both ways and employees are able to give input, ask for advice or help but the boss is the one calling the shots.

Age Diversity in the Workplace

Why does Adversity Forces Growth?

During this Pandemic, Mental Health is being tried and unprecedented economic barriers are taking shape. But remember, pressure turns coal into...

Things To Do When Working Virtually

4 Facts About Remote Worker Engagement

It’s important to remember that the purpose of technology is to create more connections and open the doors to new kinds of relationships

Help for Employees

20 Inspiring Mentoring Quotes

Learning comes with a sense of duty. It’s something we all feel. When someone teaches you a new skill, you may be compelled to go teach someone else.

Mentoring Software

Help Your Employees Find Purpose

The best way to boost employee morale and get them into action at work is to focus on what drives them. What gives them purpose?

Online Mentoring

Coronavirus - A Different Look

How do we avoid isolation during the coronavirus shelter period? Staying connected keeps you healthier?

Employee Engagement

The High Cost of Low Engagement

Low engagement costs your organization plenty. Don't be a loser! Create a culture built on trust and loyalty.

Mentoring Best Practices

Mentoring Best Practices

Want to Improve Your Mentoring Program? Establish Mentoring Best Practices

Mentoring and Engagement

Why Mentoring is best for what we need most

Everyone wants to do a good job. Everyone wants to be appreciated. Instead, millions of people go to work every day for companies where they feel...

Mentoring Best Practices

Mentors Aren't Perfect

Learn about how to find the perfect mentor. They do not need to be perfect. They just need the right skill set you desire.


Women and Mentoring

The idea of women and mentoring has been to get women into the upper echelons of business. It has to be a team effort to support for our tribe and...

Talent Management

Hey Bob! I have questions about my business

Your questions: How to attract top talent? Get them up-to-speed quickly? Retain them? Manage corporate wisdom? In a cost effective way

Talent Management

More Thoughts on Being A Great Mentor

Every mentor wants to be a Great Mentor – More on the Six Attributes of a Great Mentor, and how to create them in your organization.

Talent Management

What It Takes To Be A Great Mentor

How to be a great mentor - based on discussions with thousands mentors. Useful list of insights.

Talent Management

Diversity and Talent Development

Insights into Novartis' Talent Management program, and the role of diversity in creativity and innovation

Talent Management

Best Mentoring Blogs of the Year

One of Europe’s leading experts on mentoring, has again highlighted our blog as one of the Best Mentoring Blogs of the year.

Management Development

Federal and State Mentor Program Software

Mentor Resources provides mentor program software to corporations and government agencies. Our partner for Federal mentor programs is Winvale.


How to Set up Mentoring Program

If your firm is thinking about setting up a mentor program, we can help you from understand the process.

Talent Management

Social Learning and Mentoring

Successful social learning and knowledge workers: Don't forget they are people first and foremost. They have much in common with skilled craftsmen.

Talent Management

Talent Management and Tomorrow’s Leaders

What every Talent Management Professional needs to know about Millennials in the workplace. Commentary on articles by Forbes.


eMentor for Business Coaching

Join our free Webinar on business coaching for managers and leaders using eMentor software to manage a mentor program.

Mentor Programs

Mentoring Programs and Mergers

During a merger, mentor programs can be an effective way of sharing, maintaining or expanding the corporate culture.

Leadership Training

Leadership Training and eMentor Programs

Prepare for your organization's future state, by using mentoring to enhance leadership training - a cost effective way to reinforce other programs

Workforce Development

Mentor Programs - Keys to Success

There are several keys to a successful mentoring program. The first is a great match and a personality fit.

Talent Management

Business Mentoring and the Brain

Top brain fuctions to be a successful manager. Business mentoring can help develop these skills and traits.

Management Development

eMentoring and Mentoring Software Programs

eMentoring and mentoring software has appeal. But these are just tools. It's the human connections that make mentoring programs work.


Coaching and Mentoring Success

Coaching and mentoring partnerships which are successful share some common traits. In this blog, the "Mentor Gurus" share best practices.

Talent Management

Mentoring and Coaching at GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare's Chief Learning Officer on Mentoring, Coaching and the future of Talent Development and the role of the CLO.


Women, Mentoring and Age Diversity

Part of a series of blogs on Age Diversity or Generational diversity in the workplace. White papers from several sources are available on the topic.


Sponsorship vs. Mentorship

Sponsorship is getting the Mentees in your program promoted and/or finding internal support for your mentor program. White paper available

Talent Management

Mentoring and Generational Diversity

Generational Diversity in the workforce and mentoring. Tools for managing 4 different demographic groups in the workplace. White paper available.

Talent Management

Mentoring Programs - The Full Cost

Every client is concerned with the cost of software for the administration of a formal mentoring program.

Talent Management

Human Capital and Risk Management

Human Capital has a significant impact on business results, yet isn't usually considered in Risk Management. Mentoring for knowledge transfer and...

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