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Mentors Aren't Perfect

Learn about how to find the perfect mentor. They do not need to be perfect. They just need the right skill set you desire.


You’re trying to find a mentor—the perfect mentor. The problem is, many people you admire or think highly of have some flaw, some trait that turns you off.

 And guess what: that’s normal. People aren’t perfect. We ourselves aren’t perfect, yet we look for perfect mentors.

 Here’s the good news: your mentors don’t have to be perfect any more than you have to be perfect. They need to be accomplished in the area in which you seek their mentoring, and the two of you need to be compatible.

Here are a couple of extreme examples: No one would argue that Bill Clinton is a perfect person. And yet, who better to mentor you on the art of politics than someone who has served as governor of a state, and two terms as president of the United States?

 Who better to mentor you on competitive cycling than Lance Armstrong? The only person in history with seven Tour de France wins. A perfect person? Not by a long mile. But is he eminently qualified to impart advice on his area of expertise? Absolutely.

 When you’re looking for a mentor, it doesn’t have to be a perfect fit. Look for someone who has the skill set you desire, the knowlede you need—someone who has done what you want to do and who has a personality you can connect with.

In our next blog, I’ll show you a model that helps you do that.

Until then, …….

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