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3 Keys Behind a Dynamic Team

All the right people are in place. On paper, they are a dream team of talent.

All the right people are in place. On paper, they are a dream team of talent. The credentials, the skills, the personalities should fit together to create an awesome dynamic team that shakes up the industry. But for some reason, this team is mediocre and unmotivated.

Here at Mentor Resources, we’ve seen countless teams that were poised for success that underachieved. Through mentoring, we’ve built company cultures and boosted employee engagement to new highs, unlocking the true potential of talented teams so they perform to the standards they are capable of hitting. Through this work, we’ve isolated the 3 keys behind dynamic, performance driven teams.

These keys are areas that any manager can help improve within any team resulting in near immediate improvement in productivity.

One - Make work personal and meaningful

A lot of people tend to build a wall between work and personal life. While this has some practicality (it’s probably not wise to complain about personal problems in a meeting) it is also nearly impossible to completely do. No matter how hard we work to separate work and personal spheres, we still bring our minds and memories and feelings to work. They are part of us.

The most dynamic teams find a middle ground where their personal feelings and beliefs are blended into their work. Openly writing down or stating core values as a person to a team allows these values to act as a sort of vantage point by which work is done. It brings more meaning and purpose to work resulting in higher speed of production and engagement. 

We’ve seen talented teams who are cut off from each other socially and personally. A good exercise is to simply have each team member write down or share their core values and what it has to do with their work. You’ll likely be surprised that many people have the same answers. This generates a company culture that stems organically from the personal views of employees.

Two - Honest Reviews and Feedback

No one likes to get bad feedback. When you work hard on something and someone tells you it is sub-par, it can sting. However, the sting of being told something isn’t good can be far more stabilizing than the uncertainty that comes with being told nothing at all. 

If employees work within a team and turn in work with zero remarks, praise, feedback or criticism then they are left to speculate about the quality of what they are doing. Being told something is good or that it needs improvement can organically build confidence within a team and also provide a sort of road map to get better.

The best teams have built in performance review systems; ways to give and receive positive and negative feedback from their peers. Having these systems in place can work wonders to improve the quality of work from a team.

Three - Everything is set against time

Oftentimes, talented people bite off more than they can chew. They dream up some big idea and think they can get it done in a couple of weeks. Six months go by and the idea hasn’t gotten off the ground. 

This isn’t because there was a lack of talent or motivation in the team. In order to get things done in a timely fashion, goals need to be set against time.

This might seem overly simple and obvious, but you’d be surprised how many teams we’ve coached that just never set deadlines. We’ve seen projects started and half way through them new projects are started resulting in dozens of incomplete actions and nothing being done. Result...a dispersed team loaded with talent and motivation but nothing to show for it.

The dynamic, productive team has definite, concrete goals that clearly stated. The actions to obtain these goals are also concrete and clearly mapped out against time.

You’d be amazed what happens when you sit down with a team without deadlines and start setting them. The team gets to work! Things magically start getting done as they are now on the clock to accomplish something. 

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