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The Composite Mentor


One approach to finding a mentor is to have a “composite mentor.” If you can’t find one person who embodies everything you want, but a few who each...

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Mentors Aren't Perfect


You’re trying to find a mentor—the perfect mentor. The problem is, many people you admire or think highly of have some flaw, some trait that turns...

Hey Bob! I have questions about my business

I’m thinking about hosting a call-in radio show called “Hey Bob”– where people call in with questions about business, and get the latest relevant...

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Mentoring – Is it Cost Effective?

In the course of our work here at Mentor Resources, we interact with several hundred companies a year helping them investigate, evaluate and start...

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What It Takes To Be A Great Mentor

Here at Mentor Resources we interact with thousands of people who act as mentors in the course of a year. They all want to be a great mentor.

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How to Set up Mentoring Program

Does your firm have a mentor program? If so, congratulations! But, if your company does not have a formal program, you may find yourself considering...

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Mentor Programs: Why Does a Better Match Matter?

So you’re thinking about starting a Mentor Program. You’ve heard about them, and read a few articles about mentor programs in HR magazines, and your...

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How to Get the Most From Your Corporate Training Budget

Here’s a statistic that blew me away: Corporate Training Budgets add up to a $50 billion industry.  50 Billion!  According to Training Industry’s...

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