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by Kim Wise on 21 September 2018

Mentoring Best Practices


Three Best Practices From a Mentoring Expert

There are three best practices that must be followed for you...

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by Kim Wise on 6 August 2018

Why Mentoring is best for what we need most

Everyone wants to do a good job. Everyone wants to be appreciated. Instead, millions of people go to work every day for companies where they feel...

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Mentoring and Engagement, Mentoring and Competitive Edge

by Kim Wise on 15 January 2018

Mentoring with Predictive Analysis Ensures Success

Wisdom Share is a mentoring software company, so naturally we get LOTS of calls from people who are starting or scaling their mentoring program....

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by Kristen Kasje on 17 November 2015

Best Practices For Mentoring Administrators


Tip #1: Answer the Unasked Questions


A manager or administrator for a mentoring program also wears the hat of internal customer service...

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by Cindi Frame on 12 October 2015

Top 5 Factors for Mentoring Success

Are you contemplating a mentoring program for your organization? If so, you’re probably thinking about software, since it will help you more...

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by Bob Gibson on 30 September 2015

The Composite Mentor


One approach to finding a mentor is to have a “composite mentor.” If you can’t find one person who embodies everything you want, but a few who...

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by Bob Gibson on 21 September 2015

Mentors Aren't Perfect


You’re trying to find a mentor—the perfect mentor. The problem is, many people you admire or think highly of have some flaw, some trait that...

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by Kim Wise on 11 August 2015

LinkedIn Series: The Mentor Who Shaped Me


For all of you that are members on LinkedIn, they are doing a great series right now where they ask the world's most successful professionals to...

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by Cindi Frame on 2 February 2015

Corrie Pelc on Workplace Mentoring and the Benefits of Implementing an Online Program


Corrie Pelc writes in an article for SkilledUp, "If you find you have been struggling with organizing your company program or ensuring your...

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by Kim Wise on 23 September 2014

"Grown Men Need Mentorship Too" - a Conversation with Dale Vaughan

I had the privilege of talking to Dale Thomas Vaughan, aka Mr. Mentoring. Dale has spent a decade leading men's workshops for males looking to go...

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