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Mentoring with Predictive Analysis Ensures Success

Behavioral science ensures mentoring success by pairing people who share learning synergy.

Wisdom Share is a mentoring software company, so naturally we get LOTS of calls from people who are starting or scaling their mentoring program. They are very focused on what kind of software to select, so they want to know about all the features and functionalities of our system. It may surprise you, but this approach has always troubled me, because it ignores the most important part.

We’ve been in business since 2001, and we’ve seen the market ebb and flow since those early days. When we decided to wrap up all we’d learned in a decade and include all that knowledge in a software tool, it was with the intent to make it easy for others to launch and run robust, effective mentoring programs. We put special emphasis on the match because, based on experience, we knew that if the two people weren’t compatible, the partnership would go nowhere. Nothing would happen, and no one would benefit. No one would learn anything—because the partners would never engage.

We knew this to be true, because we’d seen it happen over and over again in the early days, before we had the benefit of our now seventeen years of research. Based on this research, we know the many factors that determine the success of any mentoring partnership, and we have successfully decoded them and included them in our Wisdom Share mentoring software. Personalizing and measuring these aspects for each client is a fascinating process. To ensure a high level of interaction, communication, and understanding, partners need to be matched using predictive analysis and behavioral science. The predictable success of partners to communicate, share knowledge, and learn and grow and trust each other is quickly understood when you know these factors and understand the science.

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