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3 Cost Effective Employee Engagement Activities

Keeping employees engaged can be one of the most difficult tasks a company faces.

Keeping employees engaged can be one of the most difficult tasks a company faces. But, if you can pull off the trick of creating a work environment that engages your employees you’ll see their productivity increase. 

It starts by looking at your team as people. People have ideas, aspirations, faults, set-backs and skills in the workplace and in life. You can’t look at employees as means to accomplish business results alone. Employees can be nurtured through human understanding into a strong workforce that is engaged and can deliver what’s needed.

Here are 3 Cost Effective Employee Engagement Activities you can implement:

One - Create a knowledge sharing system

One of the largest cost of employee turnover is the loss of knowledge. When an employee leaves, everything he knows leaves with him unless he/she documented the information somewhere or passed it along before leaving.

A knowledge sharing system helps companies keep records of information. Have successful employees write about their knowledge in blogs or articles. Share these pieces with new employees as part of the on-boarding process to build more engagement. 

You can also create a mentorship program that pairs vetern employees with newer ones to ensure knowledge is passed down through the company. This whole process can be measured and supervised using powerful software like Wisdom Share by Mentor Resources.

Two - Create an Internal Magazine

An internal magazine is a great tool to build connection, community and have fun within a company. Employees can write articles, columns, share print photos, news, etc.

You can also use an internal magazine to acknowlege an employee of the month or point out examples of positive work.

Internal magazines cultivate group interaction and bring a different element to company culture by providing a platform for everyone to communicate with. 

Three - Give back

Get everyone involved in social or charitable groups. Having your employees work together on something that gives back to community can do wonders for team harmony and employee engagement. When teams of employees go out for communal clean ups or volunteer work it also builds a sense of pride.

A good way to start this is to survey your employees and ask them to pitch causes that the company might consider supporting. It’s important to survey for a cause rather than simply choosing one as you’ll create a much more positive impact if the group picks the charitable group to support.

You can ask employees to donate time or money. Usually, giving time is more beneficial and builds a greater connection amongst a group of employees.

Have fun implementing these 3 cost effective methods to improve employee engagement. You, your employees and your company can’t help but win if everyone is engaged.

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