Employee Engagement

The High Cost of Low Engagement

Low engagement costs your organization plenty. Don't be a loser! Create a culture built on trust and loyalty.

The top issue that is on everyone's mind is how to increase engagement levels. Whether you are a corporation with employees, a government agency, a non-profit with members or a university with alumni, the reason organizations start mentoring programs is to improve engagement. Lack of engagement leads to poor products, loss of revenues, more accidents on the job, lowered membership rates and a host of many other things.

So why aren't we fully engaging our people? Let's look at some numbers related to the workplace. 

According to a Gallup research study completed last year in the US:

  • 33% of workers overall were engaged. 25% of workers in manufacturing jobs were engaged. These troubling low numbers cause costly accidents and high turnover.
  • World-wide around 30% of employees are engaged, 50% are disengaged and 20% are actively disengaged.
  • Disengaged managers are 3 times more likely to have disengaged staff which makes sense. Knowing that managers determine how happy and productive their team will be, this number sounds like a death toll.
  • Managers who are focused and effective at developing their people have teams that outperform those that are not by around 25%.

A robust mentoring program engages people and creates community. Intrinsic to every being is the desire to be connected to others in a meaningful way and mentoring is the best solution. We all enjoy the feeling of being appreciated by others. When our emotional needs are met, our productivity increases and we contribute more to the organization.

In mentoring, people connect in trusting relationships. They offer each other support and learning creating a culture of trust and loyalty. Mentoring is a win-win for all types of organizations as your best people are engaged to to stay put and contribute more. We are engaged because we are valued.

Did you know that individuals who have mentored or been mentored are 50% more likely to stay engaged with your organization? 

If you'd like to create an engaged, valuable culture, give us a call at 415-497-8654.

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