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The High Cost of Low Engagement

The top issue that is on everyone's mind is how to increase engagement levels. Whether you are a corporation with employees, a government agency,...

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When Mentoring is like a Bad Blind Date

Is Poor Mentor Matching Like a Bad Blind Date?


You match partners thinking they'll be perfect but then the partnership fails and you don't know...

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Hey Bob! I have questions about my business

I’m thinking about hosting a call-in radio show called “Hey Bob”– where people call in with questions about business, and get the latest relevant...

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Gen Y and the War for Talent

Earlier this week, we gave a presentation on multigenerational issues in the workplace.  HR Toolbox started a discussion on Generation Y and...

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What It Takes To Be A Great Mentor

Here at Mentor Resources we interact with thousands of people who act as mentors in the course of a year. They all want to be a great mentor.

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Diversity and Talent Development

Who would have thought that a Swiss-based pharmaceutical company, would have the best Diversity Talent Development program, according to ...

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Maximizing Productivity of Knowledge Workers During Change

Are your employees the heroes of your organization’s story? We spend a lot of time discussing knowledge management and helping companies maximize...

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Best Mentoring Blogs of the Year

Thank you for visiting the Mentor Resources blog. Thor-Eric Gullikson, one of Europe’s leading experts on mentoring, has again highlighted this...

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Coaching and Mentoring to be a Good Boss or a Better Manager

Many of us have New Years Resolutions around becoming a better manager or a "good boss." So here another book with coaching and mentoring...

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Mentoring and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at Kraft Foods

Our December 18th blog covered the maturation process where an informal Affinity Group transitions to become an Employee Resource Group (ERG).  ...

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