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Job Embeddedness – Employees’ Connections and Workplace Turnover

In the last few blogs, we have written about the high level of dissatisfaction in today’s workplace.  The most recent Manpower survey found that 84%...

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Mentoring for New Hires (On-Boarding): Part 1

There are seven types of formal mentoring programs. 

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What if Most of Your Employees Quit?

According to a recent survey by Manpower, 84% of American workers are unhappy with their jobs and are setting a 2011 New Years Resolution of finding...

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Who is Mentor Resources?

Mentor Resources is the second largest provider of mentoring software to Fortune 500 companies, non-profits and universities.  WisdomShare, our...

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Mentoring When Education and Training Aren’t Enough

One area where Mentoring is critical to the development of Talent is the crossover between Technology Project Management and Business Analysts –...

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That tricky matching thing…Mentor Software

I’m often surprised at how little consideration is taken when matching mentoring partners. I find organizations go to great lengths to match the way...

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