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Best Mentoring Blogs of the Year

One of Europe’s leading experts on mentoring, has again highlighted our blog as one of the Best Mentoring Blogs of the year.

Thor Eric Gulliksen resized 600Thank you for visiting the Mentor Resources blog. Thor-Eric Gullikson, one of Europe’s leading experts on mentoring, has again highlighted this blog as one of the Best Mentoring Blogs of the year. Our name says it all: We want provide you with the resources and tools to maximize the results of your organization’s mentor program. Some of the Mentor Resources tools are published materials, others are versions of WisdomShare® software designed to make the administration of a mentor program easy and painless – whether you have a dozen pairs or 12,000 pairs.

But this blog is designed to share ideas and your colleagues’ best practices. If you haven’t yet signed up for updates, please do so. At the top of the column to the right, you can sign up.

mentorbokenThis is the second year that Mr. Gullikson, author of Mentorboken, has named Mentor Resources blog as one of the best Mentoring blogs and sources of information. His books are in Norwegian, but his blog is in English and the English translation of Mentorboken will be published soon. As a European consultant, Mr. Gullikson seeks ideas from around the world.

Mr. Gullikson’s list of the Best Mentoring Blogs includes two from Down Under: Ann Rolf’s Australian perspective on Mentoring and Youth Empowerment from New Zealand. He also include Peer Resources from Canada.

If you are looking for mentoring for children, Mr. Gullikson mentions four:

For us, one of the most interesting blogs was Mentors @ Work.  At Mentor Resources, we tend to focus on improving the productivity of knowledge workers.  Most of our corporate clients are heavy in engineers, scientists, accountants or other highly trained employees who occassionally need help in the development of management skills, leadership training or other skills.  Mentors at Work is focused on apprentices, craftmen and other skilled labours.  


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