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Why does Adversity Forces Growth?

“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.” - Albert Einstein

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The Best Employee Resource Groups (ERGs and BRGs)

Dell received the 2012 DiversityInc Special Recognition award for the computer company’s commitment to Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Regular...

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Best Mentoring Blogs of the Year

Thank you for visiting the Mentor Resources blog. Thor-Eric Gullikson, one of Europe’s leading experts on mentoring, has again highlighted this blog...

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Reverse Mentoring – Cisco’s Successful Mentor Program

Cisco’s Reverse Mentoring Program had great success, and found five major themes became recurring topics. Laura Earle wrote several blogs for the...

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Diversity, BRGs, ERGs and Mentor Programs

Historically, managers would think of diversity in terms of race, but more recently most of us have come to understand diversity in terms of...

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Mentoring Programs and Mergers

The new year has started - with new plans and new budgets. Beyond the usual questions about mentoring programs, several emails and blogs have passed...

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Coaching and Mentoring to be a Good Boss or a Better Manager

Many of us have New Years Resolutions around becoming a better manager or a "good boss." So here another book with coaching and mentoring...

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Mentoring and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at Kraft Foods

Our December 18th blog covered the maturation process where an informal Affinity Group transitions to become an Employee Resource Group (ERG).  An...

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From Affinity Group to Employee Resource Group (ERG)


This blog has the subheading, Lessons Learned at the Out and Equal Conference, in Los Angeles. At the conference, there were many outstanding...

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Mentoring - Seven types of Corporate Mentor Programs

The word Mentor goes back to Greek mythology.  Mentor was the son of Alcumus. In his old age, Mentor was a friend of Odysseus who placed Mentor and...

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