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SlowLearning for Accelerated Corporate Training

The goal of corporate training is rapid learning, and meaningful impact to performance without wasting employees time.

A few years back, Clark Quinn coined the term, SlowLearning. Those responsible for corporate training and learning want their participants to absorb new information and apply the concepts to their business processes as quickly as possible. The goal of corporate training is rapid learning, and meaningful impact to performance without wasting employees time. Quinn believes that in some corporate training, the ideas are presented like water out of a fire hose, and rush by with as much absorption as if the plant was hit with a jet of water. 

Mentoring as Performance support resized 600SlowLearning is an approach where technology could be used for drip-irrigation of ideas, rather than rapidly presenting concepts. WisdomShare™ software can make this a reality in your organization.

SlowLearning’s goal is to find a better approaches to corporate training to help employees improve their problem-solving and job-related skills. Bottomline, improve the workforce from within – in a cost effective, mutually reinforcing way. This is always one of the goals of corporate training, although it may not be explicit, SlowLearning focuses on the longer-term relationship with the learner, developing employees as people, a topic close to the heart of talent development managers and committed corporate trainers. Obviously, when employees feel cared about, retention and engagement goes up, along with productivity and reduced turnover.

Quinn’s most recent Learnlet (blog) discusses mentor programs as a tool for meta-learning. Mentor programs can be used to reinforce new concepts and ideas. In a merger, where the new corporate parent wants to ensure the right corporate culture (or change to a learning culture.) Mentor programs can be used to strengthen the mission, values or corporate culture.

Ideas from corporate training can be drip-irrigated more easily and a mentor program can be managed effectively if you have the right mentor program software. Mentor Resources’ WisdomShare™ is designed to make it easy to customize the messaging for the program and has automated reminders for the program participants. If you are seeking ways to accelerated corporate training, you should talk to the Mentor Gurus about your needs.

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