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Hey Bob! I have questions about my business

I’m thinking about hosting a call-in radio show called “Hey Bob”– where people call in with questions about business, and get the latest relevant...

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Mentoring – Is it Cost Effective?

In the course of our work here at Mentor Resources, we interact with several hundred companies a year helping them investigate, evaluate and start...

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More Thoughts on Being A Great Mentor

Every mentor wants to be a Great Mentor – they want the personal benefits of a job well done, the joy of watching their protégées succeed, and the...

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What It Takes To Be A Great Mentor

Here at Mentor Resources we interact with thousands of people who act as mentors in the course of a year. They all want to be a great mentor.

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Diversity and Talent Development

Who would have thought that a Swiss-based pharmaceutical company, would have the best Diversity Talent Development program, according to ...

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Maximizing Productivity of Knowledge Workers During Change

Are your employees the heroes of your organization’s story? We spend a lot of time discussing knowledge management and helping companies maximize...

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Best Mentoring Blogs of the Year

Thank you for visiting the Mentor Resources blog. Thor-Eric Gullikson, one of Europe’s leading experts on mentoring, has again highlighted this blog...

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Social Learning and Mentoring

Social Learning or Collaborative Learning has come of age:  A radical concept just a few years ago, most organizations now aspire to being a...

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Talent Management and Tomorrow’s Leaders

Forbes has recently published two excellent articles about Millennials in the workplace which EVERY Talent Management Professional should read. Most...

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SlowLearning for Accelerated Corporate Training

A few years back, Clark Quinn coined the term, SlowLearning. Those responsible for corporate training and learning want their participants to absorb...

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