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Maximizing Productivity of Knowledge Workers During Change

During a period of change, how are you helping knowledge management maintain their productivity? Some thoughts from Tanveer Naseer

Are your employees the heroes of your organization’s story? We spend a lot of time discussing knowledge management and helping companies maximize productivity of their managers and knowledge workers, but Tanveer Naseer’s blog, How Are You Helping Your Employees To Be Your Organization’s Heroes? gave us a new perspective on productivity during a period of organizational change and knowledge workers.

Naseer wrote:Tanveer Bio

When it comes to demonstrating that your employees are the heroes in your organization’s story, the disconnect … [stems] more from how leaders communicate that message than our lack of understanding of the concept. Amid the sea of distractions and increasing demands for the attention [of managers and knowledge workers], leaders are not ensuring that their message and actions communicate in a meaningful fashion their role as the guide and mentor in their organization’s story who will help their employees overcome the challenges before them in order to achieve their shared goals.

[Most leaders know] it’s their employees who have the real power of deciding whether their idea remains just that – an idea – or whether it becomes something more because they embrace it and help to transform it into the collective new reality.

In this blog, Tenveer talked specifically about three aspects of the people side of an organization’s story:

  • What is your organization doing to help employees confront new challenges?
  • How is your company helping to facilitate change or execution of new plans?
  • What is Corporate Learning doing to help employees to feel triumphant as they accomplish the change? How is the learning being reinforced?

If your organization is implementing change, and your team that is looking to make the change process effective, your goal is to minimize disruptions and maximize the productivity of your firm’s knowledge workers. We encourage you to learn about effective mentoring programs, as mentoring can be a powerful tool for managing (maintaining or changing) the corporate culture and for keeping the organizations retention at your desired levels.

The key for using a mentor program to help employees confront new challenges, facilitate change, execute new plans, reinforcing learning or helping employees feel like a triumphant team at the end of the process is two fold – the match between the Mentor-Mentee Pair and the goals and messaging generated by the Mentor Program Administrator.

Every company is different, and every merger has its own issues, but with WisdomShare®, once your leadership team is clear on the goals, those can be reinforced through the automated messaging built into the software package.

Studies have shown that mentoring is one of the most effective tools for implementing change – because it creates buy in and bonding from both side of the Mentor-Protegee pair. The Mentor may have more experience, but usually gain insights that surprise him or her. And if the mentor-mentee pair have bonded, both feel more loyal to the firm, which is why Mentor Resources believes the Mentor Matching is the single most important attribute of a mentoring software package.

We are the experts in this area, with over 20 years of experience helping professionals in Training and Learning maximize their organization's results from a mentoring program.  Contact us today about a webinar or a high-level consultation with Kim Wise about your firm's needs. 

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