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Most executives find mentoring a compelling program, they can actively improve their employee’s skills, boost information sharing and create better trained employees who are willing to accept greater responsibility.

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"Grown Men Need Mentorship Too" - a Conversation with Dale Vaughan

Dale Thomas Vaughan

I had the privilege of talking to Dale Thomas Vaughan, aka Mr. Mentoring. Dale has spent a decade leading men's workshops for males looking to go from adrift to purposeful.  He is founder of the EmpowerMentorship Institute.

Gallup Research Shows Mentoring Creates Productive Employees

Mentoring in higher education

What does it take to create happy, long-term, productive employees? Why isn't education enough?  A recent Gallup study shows that graduates who had a mentor or professor who cared about them and encouraged their goals and dreams were twice as likely to be engaged with their work.

Distance Mentoring: How to Optimize your Connections

iStock 000005971897Small

Before the Internet and the advent of mentoring software, it was difficult to connect people from different parts of the world in truly meaningful mentoring relationships.  Now organizations can optimize learning without the constraint of geography.  Administrators and participants need to be thoughtful about these long distance relationships to ensure maximum success.

Mentoring Software – Is it Worth It?

Mentoring Software Benefits

I am sure that many of you are trying to determine if it’s worth it to bite the bullet and invest in mentoring software versus continuing to do it manually.   It might seem expensive as well as time consuming to get it launched, but I can assure you that in the long run mentoring or learning software is a more effective solution in terms of both costs and benefits.

Mentoring ROI - Getting to the Bottom Line

Mentoring ROI

So you are thinking about starting a mentor program but you need to convince management that it will add value to your organization and ultimately improve your bottom line.   Here are some easy steps to help you start to better understand the ROI (return on investment) of your mentoring program:

Women and Mentoring

Kim Wise, CEO, Mentor Resources

The whole idea of women and mentoring has been to make progress in the effort to break the glass ceiling, to get women into the upper echelons of business management. It has been a team effort to stand up for our tribe and to make a difference for our daughters.

When Mentoring is like a Bad Blind Date

Expert Mentor Matching

Is Poor Mentor Matching Like a Bad Blind Date?

Hey Bob! I have questions about my business

Mentor Resources

I’m thinking about hosting a call-in radio show called “Hey Bob”– where people call in with questions about business, and get the latest relevant information on their questions. A typical show might sound like this:

Gen Y and the War for Talent

IBM 1950s

Earlier this week, we gave a presentation on multigenerational issues in the workplace.  HR Toolbox started a discussion on Generation Y and should managers train and retain differently to appeal to Generation Y.  

Our next blog will address that directly, but we decided to rerun one of our oldest blogs to get you thinking about other "Wars for Talent" in history.

I know several women who tell the same story. 

They graduated from a top-tier college in the early 1960’s.  Near their graduation date, they were offered an opportunity to sit for an IQ test and, based upon the results, they were immediately hired by a large insurance company to be trained as a computer programmer. (This was in the era when a “computer bug” was a moth that flew into the vacuum tubes and shut down the computer.)

Mentoring – Is it Cost Effective?

describe the image

In the course of our work here at Mentor Resources, we interact with several hundred companies a year helping them investigate, evaluate and start mentoring programs. 

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