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Since 2001, we've been helping our clients achieve their mentoring goals.

Best known for Wisdom Share, our fully configurable and easy to use mentoring software, Mentor Resources provides a full-service approach to mentoring offering personalized programs via software, consulting and training to help organizations launch scalable mentoring programs. We serve companies, government agencies, alumni associations and non-profits and we know that your needs are unique. We customize our approach to meet your requirements.

Wisdom Share is:

  • Flexible: Easily configurable to match your culture, program needs, and branding
  • Scalable: Start small, grow large. Wisdom Share can adjust as you do
  • Translatable: Translate into languages that fit your global organization
  • Mobile-First: Access your mentoring dashboard anytime on any device

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Wisdom Share Mentoring Software

Blending Behavioral Analytics with Technology for Exceptional Partnerships.

84 countries and over 500K people throughout the world rely on Mentor Resources for our extensive experience, industry-leading program, and experts who are invested in the success of your program and your company.

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Our solution is different thanks to:


Precision Matching

Connect mentees with mentors using a proprietary algorithm that leverages 18 compatibility factors to foster partnerships that stay connected and achieve results.


Scalable Guidance

Large volumes of participants get the customized support they need through goal-setting forms, milestone calendars, best practice guides, and pinpointed coaching delivered at predetermined stages.


A Social Culture

Employees from all departments at all levels of the organization become connected with others with common interests in a flexible platform that can include social elements like mentoring groups, discussion boards and event calendars.