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Harnessing two decades of mentoring experience into one easy-to-use mentoring platform, Wisdom Share smartly pairs each mentee with the ideal mentor and tracks their results.


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Unique Mentoring Needs? They don’t scare us.

Wisdom Share’s Award-Winning Mentoring Platform Was Built with You in Mind.

You’d like something to fit your culture, your internal language and focus but need something that will scale? 

Easy to use and easy to manage, Wisdom Share has all you need to design, launch and scale a mentoring initiative that delivers results.

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We will take care of all of your security requirements.

You don’t need to worry about your security needs because we’ve got you covered.

Wisdom Share is hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud and we’re happy to talk with you about our certifications and authorizations. 

Government agencies? We’ve got you covered too so lets schedule a time to connect.


Here’s all the good stuff.

Wisdom Share is a powerful platform that allows you to develop your own customized online mentoring programs. ​

Extremely High Security Levels

Wisdom Share has security ratings even the most sensitive organization would love.​

Proprietary Matching Algorithm

Wisdom Share’s Matching Algorithm boasts a 98.6% satisfaction ranking from partners on the effectiveness of their match. ​

Mentoring Guidance

Users get up to speed more quickly with better results. 100% of Mentors trained.

Measure Program Results

Dashboards, summary reports, in-depth analyses, surveys, and more - all the tools needed to easily administer a successful mentoring program.

Promotion Rates

Mentors and Mentees 5x more likely to be promoted than non participants.​

Engagement Rates

70% Higher retention rates for both Mentors and Mentees. ​


What our clients say

"I particularly value the fact that the program covers an entire year, which gives the participants enough time to focus on long-term growth and achieving personal and professional goals."

Wisdom Share helps Fortune 1000 Companies, Universities, Government Agencies and Non-Profits launch robust Mentoring Programs Utilizing Best Practices.


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People are your most valuable resource. Mentor them.

Mentor Resources has been conducting successful mentoring programs that engage users and assist our clients since 2001.
Our mentoring software supports you in making a mentoring partnership a success.

Focus on Goals

Your Industry, Your Interests

Choose the type of mentorship program you need with our easy-to-use platform. We have templates for every industry and interest, designed to help you find the perfect mentor for your needs.


What are you waiting for? Explore WisdomShare Today!

 You're seconds away from creating a community of purpose!

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Match Like a Pro

Pair mentees with mentors they trust, like, and understand based on proprietary compatibility assessments

Mentee and mentor goals are linked so it's easy to measure progress and ensure goals have been met. Built-in evaluation tools provide data on the effectiveness of mentors in order to measure their value in a mentoring program.

Set Up for Success

Partnerships will thrive with customized processes that balance structure and flexibility

You're in control of who mentors whom, when, and what they teach. Set up any type of relationship to fit your needs and help you build your dream team.

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Create a Mentoring Program that produce results

Get insights with our learning resources and blog to help your organization deliver a succesful mentoring program.


Will Your Program Succeed?

Since 2001, Mentor Resources has been running productive mentoring programs that engage users and deliver benefits for our clients. During this tenure, our experience has convinced us that there are three factors that overwhelmingly determine the success of a mentoring partnership and thus program.


These key influencing factors are:

1. Matching

When partners are matched based on compatibility, they maximize their learning potential. Success potential can be measured in advance through complex algorithms. Wisdom Share boasts a 99% match satisfaction rating by users.

2. Goal Setting

Mentees get the most from the partnership when they set goals.

3. Real-Time Guidance and Training

Busy Mentors enjoy having guidance, so the process is quick and effective.




We are a People Company.
Our specialty lies in helping talent grow.
We know that if people do well, then your company will do well.

Wisdom Share is an online mentoring program which is backed by expert matching powered by world-class software.

We empower you with what you need to empower your participants: tips, tools, best practices, ideas and results.

Contact us today to learn about your future solution.

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