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Mentoring for Government Agencies

Boosted Retention Rates

Agencies with formal mentoring programs have a 20% higher retention rate and marked increases in job satisfaction.

Profesional Development

Mentoring programs provide opportunities for employees to develop professionally, and enhance their skills and careers.

Promote DEI

Connect employees from different backgrounds and cultures, fostering a more inclusive and equitable work environment.


Harness Personal Connection

Government Organizations face unique challenges that differ from the private sector. Wisdom Share is the tool you need to help your employees succeed.



"We've utilized Wisdom Share for over six years now and have seen our workers increase skill and insight."

US Government Agency

State of the Art Mentoring Software

Match with Precision

Personalize the Matching Process

People want to be mentored by someone who has the experience they are looking for. It can be time-consuming to scroll through profiles one at a time, hoping a good match comes up. Wisdom Share uses a proprietary algorithm built into our software that works in tandem with tailored surveys to do all the heavy lifting. Make the perfect matches with absolute certainty and ease.

Mentoring Measured

Detailed Analytics

Supervising a mentoring program without software is a nightmare. Tracking meetings, goals met and feedback using e-mail, text messages and an excel spreadsheet is not only's impossible. Wisdom Share's built-in surveys collect feedback from mentors and mentees on auto-pilot. All the data is at your fingertips.

Save Valuable Time

Optimize Admin Time

Running a Mentoring Program shouldn't be a full-time job. It takes time, but with Wisdom Share it can be administered with ease. Our mentoring programs contain automation, self-matching and pre-built campaigns that can be managed in a handful of hours a month with scale.

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