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Academic Mentoring Programs

Help your employees find purpose

How Valuable is Educational Mentoring?

Universities can connect students to mentors who can enhance their education, grow their skill set , teach them things a classroom can't and put the tools in their hands to achieve their goals.


Measured Success of Academic Mentoring

increased persistence
increased job success
increased grad rate

"My mentor has been a guiding light throughout my college years. They have not only shared their knowledge and expertise but also instilled in me the confidence to pursue my passions and strive for success."

College Student

Some of our programs

☑️ Student to Peer Mentoring: Students are connected with others like them. Peers with similar interests and goals who might not otherwise cross paths are linked through our platform.

☑️ Career Mentoring: Give students a professional and competitive edge. Students can leverage the platform to find the exact mentor they need in a professional industry who can guide them toward success.

☑️ Student On-Boarding: Students can be overwhelmed when they arrive to college. On-boarding students by enrolling them in a Mentoring Program can get them started on the right foot from the beginning.

☑️ Alumni Mentoring: Many proud Alumni wish to give back to their alma mater. What better way than mentoring an active student towards success?

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