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Coaching and mentoring partnerships which are successful share some common traits. In this blog, the "Mentor Gurus" share best practices.

Coaching and mentoring partnerships which are successful share some common traits. In this blog, we attempt to share some of the best practices for mentor, mentees, and talent development professionals who are responsible for mentoring programs. 

So, let's assume your people are ready for a mentor program.  (If you are not sure, use this checklist.) 

The following are the top five best practices for effective coaching and mentoring partnerships:

• Be Honest and Open. Mentees and mentors are more successful when they share their humanity and are honest and open with each other. Mentors provide an accurate assessment of their mentee’s skills. Mentees need to be open with their mentors about their goals, challenges and development needs.

• Set Goals and Objectives. For coaching and mentoring success, it is important that the mentee or protégée have concrete goals and objectives. Without clarity of purpose, the meetings may become more conversational in nature and lack focus.   

• A Partnership is Based on Trust. Both mentee and mentor must agree to keep the content of their meetings confidential for the coaching and mentoring program to be a success. The partners need to feel comfortable sharing their strengths and challenges. With trust, the mentee will more easily try out new approaches without feeling pressure to be perfect.

• Be Open to New Perspectives. When you are paired with someone who has a different background, expect to will learn and grow. The most successful coaching and mentoring programs connect people with different viewpoints. Exchanging ideas and experiences will result in increased creativity.

• Partners Meet on a Regular Basis.  Coaching and mentoring partners who meet on a frequent and consistent basis have the greatest chance for success. They establish a routine and build trust early in their partnership.

These are among the best practices for mentoring programs, provided by leader in mentoring tools and software, Mentor Resources.  Please subscribe to our blog or schedule a demonstration of our software.

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