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Mentor Resources has tools for managing a mentor program, including mentoring software preferred by experienced mentor program administators.

Who is Mentor Resources?  We are a consulting firm with a variety of tools and training for talent development professionals with responsibility for leadership development.  We believe that an effective mentor program greatly enhances other learning and training programs.  Our key product is a mentoring software package, called WisdomShare®.Mentoring Software

WisdomShare ®, our web-based mentoring software application matches Mentors and Mentees (or Protégées), provides a how to tools and training and follows up with the participants. What makes this mentor program unique is a proprietary matching algorithm which uses job experience, work skills and over a dozen personality characteristics to create the match.

Kim Wise, the founder of Mentor Resources, has been matching Mentors and Mentees for nearly 20 years. Over time, it became obvious that a Great Match creates better results from a Mentoring Program. The challenges was how to automate great matches and avoid a mentor program where the matches felt like blind dates.  The solution was mentoring software which incorporated attributes of the employee’s communication style, world-view and career perspective.

The success of a mentor program comes down to two things:  The match between the pair and the structure, goals and follow up of the program.  Fortunately, with the second part was easily built into the mentoring software program, WisdomShare ®.

Our mentoring software has been designed to be intuitive for the program participants to use, easy and time effective for the Human Resource people responsible for running the Mentor Program, and well within the training budget of mid-sized organizations or departments within multi-national corporations. (We have special rates for non-profits and on the GSA Schedule.)  Because of Ms. Wise’s experience inside organizations, manually managing mentor programs, everything about our mentoring software has been built from the user’s perspective – not the software programmer’s.  

It may have been more difficult to do it this way, but the more experience a Human Resource or Leadership Development professional has with mentoring programs, the more they understand the differences and advantages of WisdomShare ® mentoring software and other products on the market.

The goal of all Mentoring Programs is to speed up the process of Sharing What Works. We believe that the Mentee will accept advice and adopt strategies from a Mentor more quickly if they have similar strengths and communication styles. Studies by our clients have shown that more than 95% of all Mentees in programs which use WisdomShare ® report being well matched with the Mentor.

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We encourage you to surf around our website, we have a number of tools (many of them free) to help you assess your firm’s readiness for a Mentor Program.  In addition to mentoring software, we have a number of useful tool, webinars and training programs to help your decision making.

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