Mentoring Programs Boost Engagement and Retention

Wisdom Share empowers employees with mentoring. Our complete mentoring platform comes with automation, precision matching algorithms and guided resources. 

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Why Mentoring in the Workplace? 

Employees crave development and support. Mentoring fosters inclusion and combats employee burnout. Wisdom Share’s mentoring program attracts talent and retains it while bolstering the skills of employees. 


Of Fortune 500 Companies Use Formal Mentoring 


Of New Hires believe mentoring is Vital 


Increase in Employee Retention 


Of Millennials Believe mentoring is Crucial to Success

Mentors are better than Google

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For days, HubSpot manually tracked marketing metrics using Excel, Google sheets, and complex macros


Logoipsum partnered with T2D3 to document their entire customer journey and map metrics at each stage


Logoipsum increased data accuracy by 76% and decreased manual data collection time by 4 hours per week

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