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Distance Mentoring: How to Optimize your Connections

Before the Internet and the advent of mentoring software, it was difficult to connect people from different parts of the world in truly meaningful...

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Women and Mentoring

The whole idea of women and mentoring has been to make progress in the effort to break the glass ceiling, to get women into the upper echelons of...

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When Mentoring is like a Bad Blind Date

Is Poor Mentor Matching Like a Bad Blind Date?


You match partners thinking they'll be perfect but then the partnership fails and you don't know...

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Leadership Training and eMentor Programs

Each year, business leaders are challenged to develop and revise strategic plans for their company – the future strategy for product development,...

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Mentoring Software and Tools for Mentor Program Administrators

Who is Mentor Resources?  We are a consulting firm with a variety of tools and training for talent development professionals with responsibility for...

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