Employee Engagement

Effective Mentoring Program Can Save Money

Mentoring programs have been shown to increase engagement in multiple ways. Well run, Mentor programs improve retention, efficiency and save money.

Everyone wants to feel valued.  Mentoring programs have been shown to increase participant engagement in two ways: Mentors feel good about themselves and their work experience and mentees feel more valuable to their companies.Kim Wise, CEO

Higher engagement translates directly into lower turnover and better job performance – impacting your bottom line.

These results can be measured directly through retention or turnover rates, job satisfaction surveys and quantifiable results based on skills transfer.

Effectiveness of your mentoring program needs to be evaluated using these measures.
Effectiveness of the Administration of a Mentoring Program will be seen in the quantitative results. At the end of the day, all the numbers reflect the chemistry of the mentor-mentee match.

If you are looking to improve the quality of the average match in your program, you need to know why the WisdomShare™ algorithm is different from other products for managing a formal mentoring program.  Send me an email at KWise “at” MentorResources.com or call me at 415-380-0918.

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