How to Set up Mentoring Program

If your firm is thinking about setting up a mentor program, we can help you from understand the process.

Does your firm have a mentor program? If so, congratulations! But, ifResources for Mentor Programs your company does not have a formal program, you may find yourself considering wondering how to start. Given the positive impact an effective mentor program can have on Corporate Learning, Productivity and Profitability and Achieving Diversity Goals, the Mentoring Gurus are surprised at how often we are asked questions about creating a company’s first formal corporate mentor program.

Whether you are in Talent Management, Diversity, Corporate Training and Learning, or part of Human Resources that touches these areas, join us in a webinar on overview that basics of Mentoring and Leadership Training and Development.

Sign up and bring your questions. Topics we plan to cover include:

  • What is Mentoring in the context of a large organization?
  • What you need to know about mentor programs, before initiating a program?
  • How do get buy-in from management? And how do I get buy-in from the participant?
  • How much work is involved by the Program Administrator? 
  • What creates great experiences for the mentor-mentee pair? Why does mentor matching so often feel like a “blind date”?
  • What are types of mentoring? Where is the best place to run a trial program (within a single department, in Employee Resource Groups (ERG or BRG), or in talent development programs)? 
  • What makes a mentor program effective? How can we measure the impact of mentoring on the organization? 
  • What is an eMentor? Also, what should I look for in mentor program software? Where is customization important? 
  • Is there a difference between Intranet Social Networking and software for Mentoring Programs? 

These are the questions that come up frequently when companies are considering a trial mentor program. Again, we encourage you to join us for free webinar on Setting up a Mentoring Program to have your questions answered directly. 

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