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Leadership Training and eMentor Programs

Prepare for your organization's future state, by using mentoring to enhance leadership training - a cost effective way to reinforce other programs

Each year, business leaders are challenged to develop and revise strategic plans for their company – the future strategy for product development, marketing and to think through the specific tactics to achieve goals. Often these plans for the future state of the firm include thinking about the skills needed. A firm can hire new skills, but often it is more effective (on the basis of cost and productivity) to invest in leadership training. Almost any leadership training can be enhanced and reinforced with an eMentor program which connects people based upon their current and future skills, their needs and job requirements AND the personality and world view.

We all know that an organization’s ability to grow and prosper is tied to the company’s ability to attract and retain employees who can help them to achieve their goals. Strategically, the people at the top need to be thinking about the future state of the organization, and the skills that will be needed in the future - and pushing for effective leadership training to have the people and skills in place when needed. 

This requires leadership training for both skills and to instill the mission or corporate vision. Presuming a healthy operating company, then the leadership training is focused on creating and maintaining bench strength. Every company wants a team so strong that its senior leaders are sought after by other firms – and every ambitious employee want to be mentored by such a leader. Mentoring programs (sometimes called eMentor programs) are one of the strongest tools in the talent manager’s “toolkit.”

Finding right employee resized 600If you are in talent management, we encourage you to look beyond the tried-and-true selection variables to locate new talent and gauge leadership potential within your ranks. In addition to your existing leadership training, monitor and encourage emerging leaders who are active in an Employee Resource Group (ERG or BRG, Business Resource Group). To do this effectively, your firm needs to implement an eMentor program across the ERGs or BRGs, which can only be effectively managed with a software package to administrate a single or multiple mentor programs. 

The best eMentor program (as well as the most cost effective for mentoring programs involving over 100 pairs) is WisdomShare™. Unlike other eMentor programs, WisdomShare™ was developed by a Talent Manager for Talent Managers. Kim Wise, founder of Mentor Resources, and the original Mentor Guru, wanted a more effective software tool to maximize leadership training and reduce the challenges of administering a large mentor program by hand.

We are now offering all organizations with over 5,000 employees or members a free hour of consultation with Ms. Wise to discuss their mentoring challenges.Click me


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