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Federal and State Mentor Program Software

Mentor Resources provides mentor program software to corporations and government agencies. Our partner for Federal mentor programs is Winvale.

In today’s knowledge economy, a corporation's workforce is its most important asset, as well as one of its greatest investments.  The same holds true to the government - most departments have mentoring programs.  Unlike corporations, few agencies have have invested in mentor program software to increase the efficiency of their mentor programs.  Mentor Resources' WisdomShare is available through the GSA schedule. We have an experienced Value Added Reseller in Winvale.  Our partner has a variety of software solutions for governments in the area of Human Resources and Workforce Management, ranging from recruiting to scheduling and compensation to succession.

WinvaleMentor Resources is proud to be part of the Winvale portfolio of solutions to the Human Capital Management and Workforce Management needs of Federal and State Agencies.  These organizations are looking for ways to streamline and utilize their human resources more efficiently, which often includes mentor program software. 

Winvale’s solutions cover the entire lifecycle of Human Resources and Workforce Management, and include:

  • Lawson provides scheduling and business process software to enhance operational
  • MangoSpring has cloud-based collaboration products for government agencies.
  • NEOGOV products automate the entire hiring and performance evaluation process, including position requisition approval and automatic minimum qualification screening.
  • NOVAtime has a complete line of time and attendance/workforce management systems
  • Personal Recovery Concepts prepares individuals to optimize their recovery from a wide array of unexpected events, effectively addressing the missing link in human resiliency.
  • Socialtext delivers enterprise social networking products including microblogging, blogs, wikis, and social networking profiles that provide simpler ways for government employees to share vital information and work together in real-time.
  • WorkForce Management Solutions Group creates and deploys Call Center Solutions and related workforce management systems and practices.

Like Mentor Resources, each of these companies is on the GSA Schedule, and works closely with Winvale.  Winvale has provded Human Resources technology solutions to  Department of Treasury, Department of Energy, NASA, Internal Revenue Service, Health and Human Services, Department of Veterans Affairs, National Institute of Health, Department of Defense, U.S. Army, Center for Disease Control and others.

So if your agency or organization is looking for the low-cost provider of mentor program software ... Look no further that this disadvantaged, women-owned, American company, with a well-known, highly respected partner in Washington. 

Public Law 108-411

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