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Mentor Programs - Keys to Success

There are several keys to a successful mentoring program. The first is a great match and a personality fit.

Have you ever been on a blind date?  Most mentor programs match people based on skills, level in the organization and
departments.  The resulting match feels very similar to a blind date – or worse.  People are a multi-dimensional, the desired skills or level in the organization is only the smallest part of who they are, how they feel about their career and what makes them tick.

In my experience, the greatest learning happens when people with similar personalities and communication styles are paired.  The mentor enjoys sharing what works with someone who understands their approach to life and work.  The mentee or protégée has the opportunity to see how their personality and approach can be used successfully or modified in the corporate culture. 

Of course, it’s not just about feeling good.  The mentor program needs structure and the Mentor needs guidance around next steps and goal setting.  But this can be automated, and sent as a series of emails triggered by the start of the match.

It’s the match itself that creates the magic that results in strong knowledge management programs.  A study by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), training alone increased managerial productivity by 24%.  But when training was combined with a well-run mentor program and coaching, productivity increased by 88%.

Mentor Resources is the premier provider of mentoring software for corporations, professional associations, non-profits and universities. Based upon a strengths-based learning model, we have built software for the administration of mentor programs which improves knowledge sharing, helps corporations reach diversity goals and enhances leadership development programs.Mentor Software

WisdomShare®, our web-based application matches Mentors and Mentees, provides how to tools and training and follows up with the participants. What makes WisdomShare® unique is our proprietary matching algorithm which uses job experience, work skills and over a dozen personality characteristics to create a match.

A Great Match creates better results from a Mentoring Program – measurable in higher retention, higher employee engagement, lower cost, faster promotions or whatever the goals of your organization’s mentoring program, WisdomShare is one-of-a-kind in delivering matches that work.

We host regular Webinars on Setting up a Mentoring Program, Expanding a Mentor Program, and other topics.  Join us!

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