Generational Diversity in the Workforce and Star Trek

Generational Diversity in the workforce and age diversity - part of a series of blogs and a white paper

This blog is part of a series on Generational Diversity in the Workforce, which we believe is one of the major diversity issues of the early 21st century. On November 3rd at 11:00 AM PST/2:00 PM EST, Mentor Resources is presenting a free webinar on  “The Importance of Mentoring with Four Generations in the Workplace.”

We summarized our ideas on Generational Diversity in the workforce in a white paper.

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Of course, when thinking about Generational Diversity in the workforce, the four generations are Baby Boomers, Millennials (Gen Y), the Traditionalists (sometimes called The Silent Generation) and Generation X. Each of these demographic groups has preferred communication styles and touch points, which creates interesting challenges for managers.  

Are these the Traditionalists?

The Silent Generation, impacted by the Cold War and the Korean War, would they go out into the universe with the prime directive? Or would they want to save the universe?

When thinking about generational diversity in the workforce, this may be the most overlooked group. The youngest are 65, and they are not retiring as expected. For financial reasons, or job satisfaction, this group plans to stay "a few more years."  That translates into a Human Captial challenge: Firms need to capture the knowledge in their heads, as their retirement is often triggered by an unexpected health issue. If you are not using them as mentors or coaches today, you are risking the sudden loss of their knowledge.  

Are these Boomers?

Were the Next Generation really baby boomers?  This is worth logging in to comment on!  You can comment with your Twitter ID, your Facebook ID or by logging into WordPress.  (At least tell us you laughed!)

Could this be Generation X?

Ok, most Boomers will probably think, “Yes, I can see Worf as a Gen X.”

Have you seen the Schick Ad where the guy’s face (and race) kept changing while he shaved.  Many X-ers identified with the “multicultural” man in the Ad. Understanding generational diversity in the workforce will change how , we find it easy to see Odo (the shape shifter), Kira and Sisko as Gen X-ers.

Voyager Crew as Millennials?

What better example of the hyper-connected Millennials than Seven of Nine, the former member of the Borg?

Generational Diversity in the Workforce is a facinating topic.  We hope you laughed with us.  Once again, this one (light) part of a series of blogs on the Four Generations in the Workforce and how this impacts talent management, training, mentoring and coaching.

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