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Mentoring – Is it Cost Effective?

In the course of our work here at Mentor Resources, we interact with several hundred companies a year helping them investigate, evaluate and start...

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What It Takes To Be A Great Mentor

Here at Mentor Resources we interact with thousands of people who act as mentors in the course of a year. They all want to be a great mentor.

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Federal and State Mentor Program Software

In today’s knowledge economy, a corporation's workforce is its most important asset, as well as one of its greatest investments.  The same holds...

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Mentor Programs: Why Does a Better Match Matter?

So you’re thinking about starting a Mentor Program. You’ve heard about them, and read a few articles about mentor programs in HR magazines, and your...

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Mentoring and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at Kraft Foods

Our December 18th blog covered the maturation process where an informal Affinity Group transitions to become an Employee Resource Group (ERG).  An...

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eMentoring and Mentoring Software Programs

We get many questions on eMentoring and, as the second largest provider of Mentoring Software to the Fortune 1,000, we give many demonstrations of...

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Who is Mentor Resources?

Mentor Resources is the second largest provider of software for the administration of formal mentoring programs for large enterprises, including...

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Mentoring for New Hires (On-Boarding): Part 1

There are seven types of formal mentoring programs. 

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10,000 65th Birthdays A Day

Most executives are focused on their current business – building revenues, managing costs and keeping employees productive.  Those who are looking...

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Sponsorship vs Mentorship

This month’s Harvard Business Review has an article Why Men Still Get More Promotions Than Women which discussed sponsorship vs mentorship.  The HBR...

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