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In an ideal world, everyone in your firm would instantly have the right answers to every messy challenge in their work life. Every manager would get help and know exactly the right way to deal with every employee to gain maximum productivity. Sigh … A nice dream. People are complex and multi-dimensional. The best we can hope for is business coaching for people in leadership and talent development programs, with the use of effective corporate learning tools and reinforcement of the learnings with eMentor programs.eMentor and Business Coaching

Mentor Resources is a leading provider of software for the administration of mentoring programs. This type of software (sometimes referred to as an eMentor programs) is designed to effectively match and manage pairs or pods of mentors. What makes Mentor Resources’ software, WisdomShare®, unique is the matching algorithm, which matches people based on 16 personality attributes – much like an eHarmony personality match. Other programs in the space ignore personality, focusing exclusively on business coaching. As a result their eMentor matches may feel as warm as a robot, as the people seeking help developing new skills feel like they are on a “blind date.”

Kim Wise, the founder of Mentor Resources, has been helping organizations improve business coaching effectiveness with mentor programs for nearly 20 years. WisdomShare®, a web-based eMentor application matches Mentors and Mentees, provides how to tools and training and follows up with the participants.

Kim, the original mentor guru, has embedded her philosophy into the eMentor software: A Great Match creates better results from a Mentoring Program. Mentor Resources was founded on the idea that a Great Match could be found using software.

If you are wondering how to start a mentor program within a professional association, a corporate division or an Employee Resource Group, you may want to attend one of our upcoming webinars. Similarly, if you are in talent management, leadership development or corporate learning and you would like to expand your firm’s mentor program without being overwhelmed by the logistics, we are willing to share our experience and offer you suggestions.

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