Mentoring in Educational Organizations

Is Job Placement a sign of a University's success? And how can Educational Organizations give their students an edge in the ever changing job market? And how can Wisdom Share help?

With Career and Peer Mentoring, Students are paried with other students or professionals in their field of interest. This creates and engaging learning environment, allows each individual to get academic/career advice and builds career networking skills.

With Alumni Mentoring, you're giving your students a network of professionals who can share advice and give knowledge about the world after graduation. As well as helping the 'Mentee', this also serves the 'Mentor' in creating a stronger bond as an alumni to the University. 

Using the Expert Matching Algorithm by Wisdom Share, to correctly team up members of your organization will create an environment that attracts, engages and retains it's members, and therefore increasing revenue.

"Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations found that mentoring programs boosted minority representation at the management level by 9% to 24% (compared to -2% to 18% with other diversity initiatives). The same study found that mentoring programs also dramatically improved promotion and retention rates for minorities and women—15% to 38% as compared to non-mentored employees.

"Employees are happy, engaged, and productive when their individual needs and the needs of the organization are in sync. The extrinsic rewards of salary and benefits might be enough to get top talent in the door, but it will not be enough to retain employees or to bring out their best efforts. Employees reach their full potential when their job also brings intrinsic rewards—the feeling of doing meaningful work that is connected to their own personal and professional development.'



Six EAsy Steps to Mentoring Program Perfection


Dream of the ideal winning strategy and build it


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Announce your program and garner participation


lnvite your mentors and mentees to create robust matching profiles


Our Chemistry Quotient creates a 99.6% satisfaction ranking


Teach participants to maximize their partnership results

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STILL NOT CONVINCED? Meet our secret weapon.


Kim Wise is our Founder and CEO, and with over 20 years in the field of Mentoring, She is THE expert in Match Making and Mentoring.

Throughout her career, she's observed people move from job to job, business to business looking for success and stability, and realized that if these people were matched with the right person (A Mentor) that they could grow into success and stability in the job that they already had. At that point, she started Mentor Resources, and Wisdom Share was born.