A How-To Guide for Mentors and Mentees

Mentoring Demystified: A How-To Guide for Mentors and Mentees is the only guide you will ever need to be an outstanding mentor, or to maximize your experience as a mentee.

Mentoring Demystified:  includes everything needed to make a mentoring pair successful and includes over two dozen exercises. The sixty-seven pages cover the same material as the Mentor Resources $3,000 Mentor/Mentee training seminars. This version is licensed for 10 users.

Mentoring Demystified breaks the process down into four stages of a mentoring partnership:

  • Chart your Course – Learning about the role of a mentee and a mentor. We describe what mentoring is and how it is different from coaching, training and other talent development activities. The guidebooks will walk the mentees through creating a Mentoring Action Plan (MAP) for their partnership.

  • Begin the Journey – The guidebook contains tips and tools that will help you build a successful mentoring partnership beginning with your first meeting.  Exercises on building trust and giving feedback are included.

  • Evaluating your Progress – Structure and execution of a mentoring plan is the key to success. The guidebook shares best practices of successful mentoring partnerships and contains exercises for implementation. Tips for managing a long-distance partnership are addressed.  We recommend taking  time to review your progress and reevaluate your goals and objectives for the program. 

  • Reach your Destination - In this stage, the partners will celebrate key achievements and transfer newly acquired knowledge to their work environment.

A booklist is provided for additional learning beyond the mentoring program.

With the purchase of this PDF, you have permission to print and use 10 copies. For larger group pricing, contact us by email at info@mentorresources.com or by phone at +1-415-380-0918.

 Mentoring Demystified:  A How-To Guide for Mentors and Mentees is available for $500.00

Mentoring Demystified:  A How-To Guide for Mentors and Mentees can be branded and customized for consulting firms to use with their clients.  Please contact directly at KWise@MentorResources.com regarding customization.



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