Wisdom Share

Fully configurable mentoring software that helps organizations connect, engage and retain talent. 

describe the imagePrecision Matching

Create matches that stay connected and achieve results using our best-in-breed proprietary algorithm that leverages 18 compatibility factors. It provides 99% satisfaction rankings and offers flexibility in how matches are created.

describe the imagePersonalized Guidance

Automatically guide your participants through the mentoring process with goal-setting forms, action plans, best practice guides and pinpoint coaching delivered at pre-determined stages.

Instantly share knowledge throughout your organization and connect people with questions to people with answers using our “Ask The Network” discussion and learning board.

describe the imageAdmin Consulting and Tools

Start confidently with offline consulting from a team with more than 30 years experience. Easily set-up and manage program with intuitive online tools to help you recruit, communicate with and manage matches.

describe the imageRobust Reporting

Gain visibility into the success of your mentoring program with dashboards and reports that highlight action-oriented results and progress on particant milestones and goals.

describe the imageConfigurable Program

Configure your mentoring site to reflect your branding, intranet and organizational hierarchy. Personalize all curriculum to match your goals.  Set up groups within your system with unique matching algorithms and content.