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Who is Mentor Resources?

Mentor Resources is the second largest provider of software for the administration of formal mentoring programs for large enterprises, including...

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Mentoring for New Hires (On-Boarding): Part 2

A few days ago, we wrote about Mentoring Millennials and new hires at entry level positions.  Another form of mentoring with a high IRR (Internal...

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Types of Mentoring

There are seven types of formal mentoring programs. Mentor Resources is a leader in software for the adminstration of Mentoring Progams in large...

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Mentoring within KPMG

If you follow mentoring, you won’t want to miss this three minute interview of Kathy Hopinkah Hannan, KPMG’s National Managing Partner for Diversity...

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IBM’s War for Talent

I know several women who tell the same story. 

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Sponsorship vs Mentorship

This month’s Harvard Business Review has an article Why Men Still Get More Promotions Than Women which discussed sponsorship vs mentorship.  The HBR...

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