Age Diversity in the Workplace

If you work for a large company, your workforce has four distinctly different demographic groups working together: Millennials (Digital Natives), Generation X, Baby Boomers and Traditionalists (or The Silent Generation).  Managers may not think of this as age diversity in the workplace, but they are challenged by the different communication styles and learning preferences.

Four Generations in the Workplace is a free whitepaper to help you and your managers understand the different life experiences which influence the generational differences and preferences.  These issues are impacting your leadership development and talent management programs.  You need this information, as these differences need to be taken into account to maximize your firm’s training, mentoring and coaching programs. 

Download our free whitepaper:

  • Learn about the pivotal life experiences of the Millennials, Generation X, Baby Boomers and Traditionalists.
  • Traditionalists and Baby Boomers are not retiring as expected.  Members of Generation X are leaving traditional corporate careers at the highest rate.  Get a better understanding of their motivations!
  • Learn about best practices, from a generational perspective, across seven types of mentoring programs.

Download Four Generations in the Workplace now, for insights you can use in your talent development program today!