Why Mentoring

Why Mentoring?


Mentoring: Key to Your Company Success

Not only does mentoring help organizations meet business objectives, but it also creates long-term advantages for mentors and mentees alike.


Organizational Benefits:

  • Strengthened global workforce diversity. Mentoring proves to be a key ingredient in transforming individuals separated by age, gender, race or geography into a cohesive group or team.
  • Development of critical leadership and management skills broadens business, industry and functional perspective.
  • Knowledge sharing across cultural lines creates impactful, lasting global communications and teamwork.
  • Employee loyalty significantly increases as employees make lasting connections across functional and department lines.
  • Enhanced bench strength in company leadership ensures successful succession planning and increases productivity.
  • Increased creativity and innovation drive company sustainability in the marketplace. 

Mentee Benefits:

  • Attain personal and professional goals
  • Broaden business, industry or functional perspective
  • Develop innovative and creative ideas
  • Increase level of efficiency and productivity
  • Engage in challenging work
  • Become a manager of choice through enhanced leadership skills

Mentor Benefits

  • Learn from the challenges facing front-line managers
  • Enhance mentoring and coaching skills
  • Impact the career development of another person
  • Broaden business, functional or industry perspective


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