Wisdom Share is uniquely configured to support university mentoring programs.  Our flexible platform makes it easy for you to connect students, alumni and faculty as well as launch and manage your entire mentoring program.   A well run mentoring program will build strong connections to your university and improve the level of knowledge sharing and career support for your students and alumni.







Wisdom Share helps university administrators enhance the personal, academic and career development goals of its students by matching them with:

  • Student upperclassmen for academic and social guidance
  • Alumni for career counseling and guidance on transitioning to their professional lives
  • Faculty and staff for academic guidance and new learning opportuities.


Engage your most under-utilized asset:

  • Help alumni connect to each other for career advice and professional development 
  • Connect alumni to students for career and life counseling
  • Connect all generations of alumni and students for networking and topical discussions

Faculty and Staff

Wisdom Share provides a flexible, personalized platform for university administrators to:

  • Help new faculty and staff come up to speed and adjust to their new environment
  • Assist all faculty and staff looking to acquire new skills
  • Improve knowledge around key learning and research areas
  • Expand collaboration among all faculty and staff


describe the imagePrecision Matching

Create successful matches using our flexible proprietary algorithm or customizable filters.  Matches can be self selected or approved by an admnistrator.

describe the imagePersonalized Guidance

Automatically guide your participants through the mentoring process with milestones, action plans, best practice guides and pinpoint coaching delivered at pre-determined stages.  

Instantly connect people with common questions and interests.  Create a flexible platform with discussion boards, job boards and event calendars.

describe the imageEasy To Use

Configure your site to reflect your branding and organization. Personalize curriculum to match your goals and easily communicate with and measure progress of users.

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