Enterprise Mentoring

With so much confusion in the marketplace about mentoring best practices, how can you know if you are on the right track to build a world-class mentoring program that will actually affect change?

Companies around the world are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of sharing organizational knowledge. On the brink of a massive change of leadership, most companies are facing the retirement of the baby boomers as members of the X generation step up to take the reins.  The most effective way to attract, develop and retain your knowledge workers is by matching employees in a way they can most robustly share information.  

Companies have a variety of mentoring needs including:

   -  On-Boarding

   -  Diversity & Inclusion

   -  Peer Mentoring Connections

   -  Talent Development Pipelines

   -  Succession Planning Programs

   -  Subject-Matter Mentoring


For large to mid-sized organizations, Wisdom Share, our web-based mentoring application packs a powerful punch. It was crafted using our twenty years hands on mentoring management experience in a variety of industries including hi-tech, biotech, financial services, manufacturing and retail companies. All of the important program components are included and are so effective our competitors copied almost everything we do! You can be sure you have the best product on the market today.

Wisdom Share offers a variety of engagements including One-to-one mentoring, group, situational, topical and subject matter expertise mentoring in short and long term commitments. Consistently providing high performance companies with the results they expect via mentoring, our easily scalable and cost effective SaaS application, Wisdom Share offers a way to promote a learning culture within your organization. Clients consistently experience increases in employee productivity, engagement and retention.

We’ll help you get the most out of your mentoring budget and effort by streamlining your management efforts while maximizing your results.  Easy to run reports along with an easy to use administrative dashboard provides mentoring coordinators an easy way to track and measure the performance of mentors and mentees including  individual goals achieved, milestones reached and targets attained.

For mentors and mentees, our Expert Matching Algorithm ranks and pairs mentoring partners based on 18 Critical Compatibility factors ensuring maximum sharability between partners. Growth is exponential and business goals are reached.


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