Mentoring in Government Agencies and Military

Mentoring in Government

Mentoring can help government and military agencies attract, engage and retain a diverse population of employees.  Competition from the private sector combined with diminishing budgets make mentoring strategies critical in helping government agencies:

  • Build strong leaders and support succession planning tactics
  • Improve knowledge sharing across different agencies, levels of government and geographies
  • Bring new hires and officers in training up to speed faster
  • Enhance training and skill building
  • Connect individuals that otherwise would not have access to one another (e.g., retired civil servants with new members of the public sector or officers in training and active duty personnel to veterans)
  • Connect individuals for networking and coaching opportunities (e.g. retired civil servants with new members of the public sector -


How Wisdom Share Can Help

Wisdom Share’s flexible, online mentoring platform helps government agencies achieve their mentoring goals with a system that:

  • Creates successful matches across different groups and geographies
  • Delivers customized resources and functional tools to different mentoring groups
  • Tracks participant milestones throughout the entire process
  • Provides administrators with support, tools and a robust reporting system to manage and evaluate success of programs
  • Supports multiple, unique mentoring programs on the same system.


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