Mentor Resources provides mentor and mentee training, focused on how to begin the mentoring program, goal setting, understanding mentee/mentor roles, potential benefits and program structure to make the most out of their mentoring relationship. 

We explain the difference between mentoring, managing, sponsoring and coaching. Having managed thousands of successful partnerships, we will discuss general guidelines on the elements that create the most powerful results. 

Depending on your audience (national or international), we work on site, through video, webinars or audio/ slide format. Our work is internationally approved.

Typical Orientation Training Modules Include:

  • Why Mentoring? 
  • Mentoring, Coaching, Sponsoring and Managing 
  • The Mentor/ Mentee Role 
  • Characteristics of a Great Mentor 
  • Mentor Benefits 
  • Mentoring Best Practices 
  • Transferring Knowledge 
  • Effective Communication 
  • Listening and Asking Questions 
  • Your First Meeting 
  • Setting Goals and Objectives 
  • Evaluating Your Success 

Mentor Resources has 15 years experience in creating winning mentoring solutions. Give us a call if you'd like to know more about our comprehensive, customizable training programs at +1-415-497-8654.